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BYOXX Nano Ceramic Coatings are now available to treat any vehicle that you have. We have products designed to protect everything from paint, to plastic, rubber, fabric, leather, glass and more.

Wondering what BYOXX can offer your vehicle? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions for more information!

BYOXX is a brand of protective coatings based on “nanotechnology” specifically designed for use in automotive, marine, and aerospace applications. BYOXX products shows super hydrophobic characteristics that are self-cleaning, long-term protection from UV, corrosion, staining, scratch resistance, etc. to wide variety of surface types.

Ceramic Coating is the most exceptional Nano Technology Paint Protection Coating. It is mainly Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) material in liquid form. When applied on the surface, it bonds like a protective transparent layer with the surface. It adds about 2 microns thickness to the paint surface. 1 micron is about one 1000th of a millimeter.

Are you familiar with the Pencil Hardness test? This Pencil test is used in the coating industry to determine a mineral’s hardness, and 9H is the highest on the scale.

There are different Byoxx nano ceramic coatings for different surface. Like Exterior Paint, Glasses, Mirror, Leather, Plastic etc. Choose according to your needs.

Yes. Your Car windshield and other glasses can be treated with our new technology Byoxx Anti fog

Applying Byoxx coating is not a difficult task, but before applying the protective coatings, surface require corrections which is called “Detailing” and this only be done by professionals. In all seriousness, it’s a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly or done hastily, as it may result in more work to right a wronged application. We recommend to seek professional help in this regard.


  • Do not Wash the Car for 07 Days after Byoxx Ceramic Coating. Do not be worried about dust during this period.
  • Do not clean your vehicle with dry cloth directly.
  • Do not use Heavy Degreasers, chemical cleaners, Household detergents (surf), Soap Bars, as they may risk damage the coating.
  • Do not use any sort of covers to cover your vehicle, this may cause scratches


  • Wash your vehicle after 07 days of coating with branded shampoo and use high quality microfiber cloth for cleaning
  • Wash your vehicle once or twice in a month with branded shampoo.
  • Never wax or polish your vehicle.
  • In case of Bird Droppings, Paint Over spray, Tree Sap or any other environmental fallout, prefer pressure wash or bring the vehicle to your nearest application center for correction.
  • When carrying out the wash process the overriding goal is not to create further swirl marks within your paintwork. Therefore, if something is going to touch the paint it must be soft and clean and used gently.

It is Semi-Permanent. Byoxx ceramic coating is nothing but additional layer of clear coat to the paint’s surface. This new layer is glossier, chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat.

The coating lasts 2-5 years depending on how many layers has been applied, how well you have detailed the car before application, how well the coating is applied and the aftercare of the coating.

In standard application scenarios, no, 9H is not designed to protect from high-velocity impacts from projectiles. While it does act as a new surface layer, it’s not thick enough to prevent that level of gouging. However, 9H is incredibly resistant to scratching and swirl marks caused by regular washing, providing resilient shine to any surface it coats.