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Works as a Shield

Making the use of latest nano-technology, our ceramic
coating forms a strong transparent protective layer over and above your paint.

How it Works?

If we take a closer look at Car’s paint surface, it is not flat but full of pores. When we apply Byoxx Ceramic Coating, it seals all the pores, forming a transparent and strong layer.

Byoxx Ceramic Coating acts as a protective layer for scratches and swirl marks that could affect car’s paint surface. Your Car’s paint will not be damaged, further scratches or swirl marks on the Byoxx Ceramic Coating can be easily buffed off. In a nutshell, anything that could happen to your car’s paint, will now be tackled by Byoxx Ceramic Coating.




Here’s an easy-to-understand graph that shows the difference in protection.

Features Byoxx Coating Regular Wax Non-Protected
UV Protection
Corrosion Resistance
Scratch Resistance