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Every vehicle owner wishes their vehicle to be spotless at all times. The automobiles can be created to be thus not just from the outside but also the inside. As a result, leather has always been an essential part of it. Leathers are the frosting on the cake when expressing your rich and refined taste in automobile interiors.

In most cases, leather car seats are a must-have for a vehicle's interior. However, the more luxurious it appears, the more cautious you must be. UV radiation and warm temperatures cause the majority of car interiors to fade, discolour, and tear. As a result, performing routine maintenance and sticking to it can extend the life of your leather. It will also keep your vehicle clean and improve the appearance of your interiors.

This is why you should hire Byoxx, since we recognize that keeping your vehicle's interior is just as tricky as maintaining the exterior.

Our ultra-shine coating for automotive leather maintains brilliance and resilience while protecting the surface for a more extended period.


  • It can be used on interior leather surfaces.
  • The application will last at least one year.
  • Ads shine to the interiors and are hydrophobic.
  • Stain-free with anti-aging and anti-cracking properties.
  • It's non-greasy and extends the leather's life.